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A chance to stop using IAM Users (maybe)

AWS has launch IAM Roles Anywhere! Could it replace IAM users, definitely maybe...

🎉 YAY - AWS Account Management APIs 🎉

A feature I've been waiting nearly 10 years for

Learnings with AWS WAF and Log4Shell

Some learnings from mitigating issues related to Log4Shell with AWS WAF (and other things)

Thoughts on balancing bottom-up and top-down focus with Well-Architected

Some thoughts about finding the balance between the day-to-day bottom up approach, and a strategic top-down approach with the...

Creating conditional IAM policies in CloudFormation

Creating conditional IAM policies in CloudFormation

IAM Conditions with IPs OR VPC Endpoints

Writing IAM Policies with conditions for IPs or VPC Endpoints

Turning AzureAD Oauth tokens into SAML tokens for AWS

An exercise in digression, or how to use OAuth2 tokens in AzureAD with SAML in AWS

Federating AWS SSO with Google Apps

How to set up IAM Federation with Google Apps as an IdP with Multiple roles