🎉 YAY - AWS Account Management APIs 🎉

Posted by Elliot Segler on Thu 10 February 2022

I've been using AWS for a while, and ever since I started using AWS in a corporate environment, where I've had to manage multiple accounts, there's been one thing that's annoyed me greatly. And that's account management doesn't have any API's!

It's always struck me a bit odd, given the API mandate that Jeff Bezos famously issued and many teams take to heart.

One of the first things I've done at any company I've worked at, who uses AWS is immediately log a Product Feature Request through the AWS field team or support (depending on support level, account team contact etc). Nothing makes me sadder as a DevOps person than having to manually log in to, and then click through to update account information. I recently (about 10 months ago) had the pleasure of divesting a bunch of accounts (14 or so) and had to manually update all the information. With mucking around with root credentials and HOTP token issues it took an entire day of somewhat wasted productivity...

Excitingly, I'm happy to say the days of manually updating account information are no more!

AWS have annouced that through Organizations, you can finally update account contact information with a set of APIs!

It's the simple things... 😁

I really look forward to seeing more APIs for managing accounts and other bits that really, should have been addressed sooner. The account mangagement space (other than Organizations and Control Tower) hasn't had much love over the years so it's very good to finally see some action.

I wait for more actions to be supported through APIs! Please don't let it be another 10 years AWS :)